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About Mennolicious

I was born into a traditional Pennsylvania, Mennonite family.  My grandparents were farmers who spoke Dutch, worked hard and enjoyed potatoes, pies and sauerkraut.  My aunts and grandmothers are the ones who have taught me to quilt (kind of) and to make applesauce from scratch.

But I was raised in Asia by non-traditional (radical even) Anabaptist parents.  From them I learned to enjoy travel, survive discomfort and embrace social justice.  Although my mother may not have taught me much in the way of cooking technique – she and my father introduced me to the adventure of thinking and eating globally.

As an adult, I am still Mennonite – although grandparents have questioned that possibility given the fact that I am also a lawyer.

I spend my time convincing lawmakers to do more to end global hunger and food insecurity, cooking for friends and preserving produce in the vein of the good Mennonite housewife tradition from which I come.

What I love about food is its capacity to nourish at both very basic and very complex levels.

This site explores my varied interests in faith, ethnicity, cooking, canning, eating, social justice and public policy.


One Response

  1. Nice pots! Great pics! Excellent recipes!

    Keep up the good work.


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